I call this, “I’m still awkward in front of the camera even though it’s my job to tell others how to pose!” The irony.

I call this, “I’m still awkward in front of the camera even though it’s my job to tell others how to pose!” The irony.

This is the part where I’m supposed to tell you when I first held a camera and how I’ve been “hooked on photography ever since”.

Also that I love photographing the “Wild Hearts and Adventurous Lovers”.

And it’s all true! I’ve been photographing a long time and I love dem adventurous lovers! But can we be real here? Let me tell you what I’m actually about and how that can help you!

First… I can tell you that I’ve invested some hard core time and cash into my education.

Not just going to a university (NMU - Art Education - Concentration: Photography), but also every webinar, online class, live workshop, mentor session, anything that India Earl has sold…. just about anything that I have found relevant to how I like/want to run my business I have paid for without hesitation (okay maybe a little hesitation). I am constantly looking for the best way to shoot, pose, organize, and treat my clients so that I can give the best experience possible! I am confident in what I am doing and how I do it as long as I have a willing and enthusiastic participant!

Alpine Northwest.jpg

Casually posing with some of my favorite photography idols…. omg.

From the workshop, Alpine Northwest, that was such a game changer for my business.

I love hipster stuff, but I’m also a little bit basic.

I love being nontraditional in sooo many ways and planning your wedding by your own rules is totally baller. Who says you need to do a garter toss? Or that it’s bad luck to see each other before the ceremony? I say screw it to all the traditions as long as you’re having the kick ass day of your dreams.

But all the mushy gushy love stuff? I’m a huge sucker for it. And I’m going to make you kiss and laugh together and be all intimate under your (or your partner’s) veil because that sh*t is romantic and I want you to feel all the love when you look back at your wedding images.

SaraandDanWedding0694 copy.jpg

Getting Uncomfortably Close since 2014

I make a great third wheel though.

Pictured below: Shameless Plug! Photos from my own wedding where Grant and I prided ourselves on making a day unique to us!

This included Star Wars ships on our invitations, hiking shoes so we could go up Sugarloaf for pictures + outside time, a ceremony that was at 7pm so we could spend all day together without rushing too much - aka having time to stop and pet dogs! AND instead of a receiving line after the ceremony, we went straight to the dance floor where people came up to hug us and dance with us, which was wayyy more fun.

^^^^ (Click the photos to see more)

The number one thing we wanted was a good photographer and she was the majority of our budget…. But worth it because I’m still showing off these photos! hahaha

I’m a Type-B personality but I will be Type-A AF for your wedding day.

Your timeline? I’ll help you build it. What family photos should you do? I’ve already got a list for you. Worried about awkward situations? I used to be an RA and am a child of divorce - I gotchyou. I never take a wedding day lightly. Ask my husband and second shooter - I feel like I’m going to poop my pants every wedding morning because I care so much about doing the best that I can do my people! I’ve shot over 50 weddings now and I still get nervous every time! This is your day! And I will never treat it like “just another work day.”

Jesse and Dane Ceremony 449 copy 2.jpg

I’m just handing a bride her bouquet…

But taking a picture of me typing up a timeline is less exciting… Plus they’re smiling!

Ultimately, I care about you and want to be your friend!

For real. I love people and I just want you to trust me, goof off with me, and let me capture your beautifully weird self. I know I will get good photos no matter what. But I get GREAT photos when I have the time and a willing + enthusiastically in love couple. Are you interested? Come On Down!


Some Final Notes:

- I’m 5 feet tall and always carry around a stepladder during wedding days.

- I used to be an art teacher for three years and still paint in my free time.

- I love to rewatch my favorite comedies while editing, which include The Office, Parks and Rec, Brooklyn 99, Community, The Good Place, and How I Met Your Mother.