Sugarloaf Mountain Photoshoot

Ahhhhh. My first blog post on my very own website! I must say I'm a little nervous to write this. I've always been a tad intimidated of blogging. I love sharing my images though! So it only makes sense that I get used to the medium. It is the writing that concerns me... sharing my words with the whole wide interweb! However, I'm am excited about all the weddings I have lined up for 2016 and would loooove to share those exciting memories! So, here I am! Ready to make blogging my "thing". I'll start slow with a personal project....

Last week, I bought a new camera! Now Grant, my fiance, and I have TWO Canons in our arsenal. Since Grant is regularly my second shooter, it seemed only fair that he have a higher quality camera like me. Although he's taken some really amazing shots with my Nikon D3000 in the past:

Proof that you don't need a super fancy camera to get good shots! It takes someone with an eye for composition and art and an understanding of the mechanics of a camera to take a great photo... among lots of other knowledge. Although, having a higher end camera REALLY helps to make photos more consistent (especially in low light situations!). One last favorite photo of Grant's from the last wedding we did together (I'll be blogging this wedding soon):

Ah! I love it. Working with him has been great because we bring different ideas to the table. I'm generally more artistically minded (hence the whole Art Teacher thing) and he is very logical and practical. We really balance each other out. Especially on a wedding day. He helps with logistics while I focus on the art. Although he has taken some of my favorite unique and artistic shots during weddings in the past. What the heck Grant?? You're stealing my thunder!

Enough about Grant and how he's good at everything and on to the pictures! After receiving the camera in the mail, Grant and I were eager to take it out for a test drive. For most of the time, Grant used our old and trusty Canon EOS 6D, I used the new (to us) Canon EOS 5D, and my sister, Savannah, took out our old Nikon D3000. She has always been interested in photography and this was the perfect opportunity to show her the basics of a DSLR. We hiked up Sugarloaf Mountain on an uncharacteristically beautiful day and mostly took pictures of each other.

He looks like a natural.... Am I right?

Savannah has the Yooper style down.

All of these photos were taken by Savannah.

Hiking with other photographers made for a different experience. So many stops on the way up! Haha! It was pretty amusing though. Here you can see me teaching Savannah about camera basics. (I also need a touch up on my highlights.. don't judge!)

Reaching the top of the "mountain". I realize that Sugarloaf is really just a large hill, but we take what we can get in the Midwest. It sure beats the flat lands of downstate!

If you are curious about the extra camera hanging around my neck, it was the Fujifilm Instax Wide 300. I have always been a Polaroid lover and have been looking to get back in the instant film game. My parents were kind enough to give me this camera for Christmas!! The lighting wasn't necessarily the best for an instant camera... and I'm still trying to figure out how to turn off the flash somehow... but here are some close ups of the camera and the photos I took with it.

If you're interested in buying any prints from this shoot, please check out my Print Store!