Colorado Springs, CO Garden of the Gods Anniversary Session // Erin & Jim


This session is from way back in June when I visited my best friend, Erin, and her husband in Colorado Springs. I have always had a deep appreciation for the west and mountains. My extended family lives throughout Utah and Idaho and I have fond memories from my youth of visiting them, exploring beautiful landscapes and watching mountains on the horizon. 

While I was visiting Erin, I wanted to give her and Jim a session for their hospitality and because they're really freakin' cute. One afternoon we went to the Garden of the Gods and were able to have a little bit of fun right before the sun set. 

Jim and Erin are an amazing couple. They are both crazy smart and hilarious. They usually explain their relationship as "Jim & Erin World" - a place of nonsense. It's always fun to watch them and join in on the weirdness. Silly/goofy/weird people are my favorite. 

Enjoy Jim & Erin World and take in the beauty that is Colorado. *Praise Hands Emoji*