Marquette, MI College Senior Recital Session // Anna

Ahhh one of my favorite things that I have been asked to do recently are senior recital sessions! These amazingly talented NMU music students are looking to create images they can turn into their recital poster. Putting together their show is challenging and I'm sure nerve-wracking! I am so honored that these students have come to me to create with them. I love to help out other artists and we get to be so creative together! 

I also believe that college senior sessions should be a thing! It is a HUGE feat to graduate from college and it should be honored by a photo shoot. Not only that, college graduates need head shots for LinkedIn and other professional endeavors. AND I know for many NMU students Marquette is a special place that they are most likely leaving. Don't you want photos in this beautiful place to remember it by? I'm just saying! haha

Also, I know how broke college students are (I was one very recently!) so I like to give undergraduate NMU students 25% off for headshot portrait sessions because I truly believe that students deserve to have portraits they love for this time in their life. If you're interested in doing a college senior session - please e-mail me and let me know! I'd love to get creative with you. 

Anna and I went out on a particularly stormy day. The clouds were dramatic and Mother Superior was roaring her face off. Mix that with Anna's piercing blue eyes and we have an amazing session.